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  • “Forest Gate has amazing, special teachers who are trained to help children with difficulties. Both my children go here and I wouldn’t put them anywhere else” (Parent)
  • “Since Mrs Higginson has been involved she has been amazing and is always around if you have any concerns from being in the play ground in the mornings to speaking on phone or making appointment to see her she is always available for you.”
  • “She is the most loving head you would ever wish to meet, as having her own little people she understands our hopes our fears or tears, our pride, our ambition is too do her and all her staff proud, she is a credit to the school”
  • “The education my kids are getting is really good and I am very happy with it.”
  • “The school, teachers and education system are amazing.”
  • “The staff have always been supportive when me or my children have needed it”
  • Any concerns are always dealt with and we as parents, are always well informed on our child’s progress/setbacks etc.
  • Always feel welcome
  • Nursery is perfect.
  • Teachers are always present/visible in the playground each day. Rebecca in Reception always welcoming, smiley, friendly and approachable.
  • There is always staff on hand to help be it a teacher, a TA, the receptionist, middays or parent council. It has a warm cosy inviting feel too it I could actually take my slippers and have a coffee.
  • Members of staff have an exemplary attitude towards parental partnership.
  • There are friendly staff members on the playground at drop off times. All staff are friendly warm and welcoming.
  • Information is always being communicated via School Ping, face-to-face from teachers and also regularly through the parent council via social media.
  • The school is brilliant and I can certainly say my son’s teachers know him like I do and to pick up on a child being unwell, like only a mother would, shows they genuinely care for each and every child.
  • My children come on leaps and bounds every school year! If ever there is an issue, we work together (myself and the teacher) to help boost the child question.
  • All of my children have come on so much since being in the school.
  • School set up programmes which my child can use at home to assist learning. We are receiving extra support sheets to work through at home to enhance the learning in school.
  • Every week they come home excited about something they have learnt in class. Sometimes something I do not even know myself!
  • Lots of events are held where parents are invited in to work with their child.
  • People are choosing to send their child(ren) here through the praise of other parents and how the children are developing. It’s proof enough that Forest Gate Academy is being talked about for the right reasons. I had to wait for a place for my son as demand is high.
  • I have an older boy (who is now at high school) of high intelligence who they were amazing with and my younger son, who has his own needs but both have and do still receive the help they need require and what every parent wishes for their child.
  • She is the most loving head you would ever wish to meet. As having her own children, she understands our hopes, our fears, our tears, our pride and our ambition for our own children. We want to do her and all her staff proud too, she is a credit to the school.
  • My daughter enjoys school and loves learning.
  • Lovely staff.
  • Very grateful for the talk on phonics.
  • The school always has time to discuss any concerns.
  • Both my children are happy and I am very happy with their progress and their teachers.
  • I know who to go to if I ever have an issue with anything regarding my children and I am assured the matter will be dealt with swiftly.
  • I would recommend this school to everybody.
  • I would definitely recommend this school – they have gone above and beyond to support my family over the last 11 years that my children have been attending.
  • The school, the teachers and the education system are amazing.


  • “The school’s work to support pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development is commendable.” (Ofsted 2018)
  • Here is what the LPPA inspector reported about FGA:“There is a high level of commitment to parent partnership by senior leaders, staff and governors. Parent partnership is a priority in the SIP.”

    “There are a wide range of opportunities for parents to gain information about children’s learning, e.g. workshops, presentations, assemblies, stay and play sessions, enabling staff to share learning methods with parents, parents to ask questions and see their children learning.”

    “The school have an excellent induction system ensuring a smooth transition into school and nursery.”

    “The school are listening to parent feedback and acting upon it e.g. the morning routine has been changed, parents now have 10 minutes before school starts to bring their children into the classroom, SLT members greet parents and staff are available to speak to parents and children settle into the class ready to learn.”

    “Staff are very proactive in working with parents, building relationships with them and supporting parents with home school learning.”

    “Parents think staff are very caring and want the best for their children, they feel well informed about their children’s progress and think school ping has improved communication.”

    “Relationships between parents and staff are much more positive, parents now will approach staff and the staff team are very approachable and responsive to parents’ needs.”

    “Internal transition is very well organised, parents like meeting the staff in July and feel more confident about their children moving to the next class.”

    “The school produce an excellent range of information on the curriculum for parents.”

    “There has been a culture shift among families in attitudes towards attendance and punctuality which is now at national average, children are now more engaged in learning, have good behaviour for learning, have higher aspirations, higher achievements and parents are more interested in their children’s progress.”


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