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School Clubs

Breakfast Club

The breakfast club cost is £3.20 a session, this includes activities, breakfast and a drink.  The breakfast club runs from 8.00am to 8.45am.

After School Club

Our new after school provision runs from  3.05pm- 5.05pm. The cost is £4.10 per hour, per child. This includes activities, a snack and a drink.

After School Enrichment Activities

Autumn Enrichments Timetable 2019/20

Type of activity Date/day of the week Teacher/TATime Audience
Multi SportsMondayTeam Theme3.05-4.00Y5 & Y6
Poetry ClubMondayMiss Tranter12.45-1.15YR3 & YR4
MFL ClubMondayMiss Cahill3.05-4.00Y1 & Y2
Performance ClubMondayMiss Bowers3.05-4.15All
Craft ClubMondayMrs Donaghy3.05-4.00Reception
Horrible HistoriesTuesdayMrs Jennings & Miss Wallis3.05-4.00Y3 & Y4
Team BuildingTuesdayMiss Stead & Mr Whelan3.05-4.00Y3 & Y4
Times table booster TuesdayMrs Jennings12.45-1.15Y3 & Y4
Y6 Morning boostersTuesday & Wednesday Miss Tranter & Mrs Finnigan8.00-8.30Year 6
Girls FootballWednesdayMoss Lane Rovers3.05-4.00KS2 (max 26)
Homework clubThursdayMiss Smith3.05-4.00All
Multi sportsThursdayTeam Theme3.05-4.00Y3 & Y4
Craft ClubThursdayMiss Bridden3.05-4.00Y2 & Y3
Poetry ClubThursdayMr Banks3.05-4.00Y3 & Y4
Reading SkillsTuesdayMrs Heaton12.50-1.50KS2
RTQ2Friday Mr Henderson3.05-4.00Y5 & Y6
Multi SportsFriday Team Theme3.05-4.00Y1 & Y2

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