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Year 4 Curriculum Statement


English –

In English in year 4 we continue to reinforce the relationship between sounds and letters, particularly focussing on the rules for adding suffixes, further common exception words and homophones. This ensures children improve in their writing and reading.

In writing, we use ‘Writing for Purpose’ documentation to teach children how to plan, draft, write, evaluate, edit and proof-read their own writing. They also read aloud their work to develop their speaking and listening skills. Children learn to apply their knowledge of spelling rules to spell unknown words and common exception words. The children are expected to use increasingly legible cursive handwriting, working on consistency, quality and line spacing. The children write simple sentences from memory, using the punctuation and spelling rules taught.


In SPaG the children learn to apply the year 4 spelling and grammar rules, including the possessive apostrophe, fronted adverbials, direct speech, a wider range of conjunctions, the present perfect tense and the use of pronouns.

The children have five spelling sessions, six English sessions and two handwriting sessions a week.

Maths – In maths in year 4 we follow the White Rose scheme of work. Our main focus has been ensuring the children have a sound understanding of their times tables for the multiplication check in June. We have also focused on developing place value knowledge which children use in each topic in maths. The children cover the following units across the year:

Other Subjects: The children cover the following topics across the year:

Objectives for the above topics are taken from the National Curriculum.

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