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Year 1 Curriculum Statement

English- In English in year 1 we focus on developing children’s phonics knowledge. This enables the children to read and write accurately. The children follow the Read Write Inc scheme for both their phonics learning and guided reading.

In reading the children learn to apply their phonics knowledge to read increasingly complex words. They develop their sight knowledge of common exception words. They recall the main points of what they have read and begin to use inference skills. The children take part in comprehension sessions to enable them to answer questions about what they have read.

In writing the children learn to apply their phonics knowledge to sound out and spell unknown words. They develop their spelling of common exception words. The children begin to use pre-cursive handwriting and work on their letter size and orientation. The children write sequences of sentences using capital letters and full stops. They use the joining word ‘and’ to extend their sentences. The children complete the following writing units across the year:




In SPaG the children learn to apply the year 1 spelling and grammar rules.

The children have 5 phonics lessons and 5 English lessons each week.

Maths- In maths in year 1 we follow the White Rose scheme of work. Our main focus is on developing place value of numbers within 100. The children also learn a range of strategies to add and subtract. The children cover the following units across the year:




Other Subjects: The children cover the following topics across the year:



Objectives for the above topics are taken from the National Curriculum.

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