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Leading Parent Partnership Award (LPPA)

Forest Gate is proud of its working relationships with parents and carers, however, as a school we are always keen to develop many more aspects of our home-school partnership. Parent/Carer involvement in their child’s learning really does make a difference we are committed to giving the tools and support that parents/carers need to help their child to achieve their full educational potential.

Over the next few months, we shall be working towards achieving a national award called the ‘Leading Parent Partnership Award (LPPA)’.

This award looks at how well we work with parents and carers; how welcoming the school is; and, how we support parents / carers in helping their child to learn.

We aim to improve communication with parents / carers and the community; support families and children to extend their learning and encourage a greater input and more involvement of parents / carers in school life.

The award has 9 Key Objectives (outlined below).

The school:

  • demonstrates a commitment to work towards achieving the LPPA
  • makes and implements effective plans to achieve and maintain the LPPA
  • is a welcoming, communicative and friendly place for parents
  • promotes the awareness and participation of all groups of parents in supporting their children’s learning and developing their own learning. In addition, the school holds and actively promotes a programme of opportunities and events for joint parent and child participation
  • provides a good induction for all new parents
  • provides parents with relevant and user-friendly guidance and information to help them to support their children’s learning
  • produces and implements parent-friendly policies to establish effective home–school links and to improve children’s attendance, punctuality, progress and positive participation in school
  • provides good support for all parents as their children move through or leave the school
  • school summarises its achievements against the LPPA Objectives and outlines its future plans

Forest Gate will be judged against these objectives and has to provide evidence to demonstrate that we are working towards achieving these and that evidence is constantly updated and reflects the needs of all our young people and their parents / carers.

With your continued support we hope to achieve this award. You can find more information about the award at

If you have any questions about the award, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Mrs K Higginson

Head of School

E Safety

E-safety is about the protection of children whilst they are using the internet and digital technologies. This includes: risk-taking and inappropriate behaviour by children and young people; risks and inappropriate behaviour by others to children and young people; illegal activity.


The school uniform is compulsory for all children from Nursery to Y6. To identify the school as a community the school sweatshirt, with unique logo, is available, at a cost, please Order online.

You can also visit the Petites Modes shop in Sale.

All children, including Nursery, must wear the correct uniform and P.E. kit. The uniform is listed below:

Girls Uniform

Grey pinafore dress/skirt or grey trousers, white polo shirt and school sweatshirt/cardigan. Grey socks or grey tights.

A red and white check summer dress is permitted in the summer months only. White ankle socks can also be worn in the Summer term only.

Black school shoes must be worn by all pupils. Trainers or ‘trainer type’ shoes are not acceptable. Shoes should be plain with no lights, logos or decoration.

Long hair should be tied back with a plain bobble and children should not bring toys into school.

Boys Uniform

Trousers in dark grey, white polo shirt and school sweatshirt.

Jumpers and cardigans can be purchased online or in store.

Black school shoes must be worn by all pupils with grey socks.  Trainers or ‘trainer type’ shoes are not acceptable. Shoes should be plain with no lights, logos or decoration.


Extreme hair fashions, including dyed and ‘striped’ hair / patterned and extensions are not permitted. Shaved heads are unacceptable and hair should be no shorter than a No.3 and must be tapered or graded in


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